About us

We are a family-owned real estate development company that has been successfully implementing investment projects in Belgium for over 100 years.
We are a recognizable brand and boast an annual turnover of EUR 100,000,000. In 2021 alone, we sold over 400 units and realised a dozen new projects.

We started operating in Poland in 2018 and we want to contribute to the emergence of modern and innovative housing investments in attractive locations.

The company has been a venture of the Huyzentruyt family for four generations and we make sure that its values are reflected in our business.
Our team within the group consists of over 100 people, all of whom execute each order with great enthusiasm and full commitment.


We believe that the transparency of our activities at every stage of the investment builds trust and guarantees a satisfactory collaboration. We are always ready to dispense advice and keep our customers informed of the next stages of the construction process.


The reliable and timely implementation of our projects is an absolute priority. Regardless of the standard, all of our investments are of high quality.


We are constantly witnessing changes that affect the quality of our lives in a given location, today and in the future. This is why our expert centre is home to a team of specialists from different areas who analyse all factors that have and are likely to have an impact on planned investments. As a result, we are not afraid to take on challenges that may result in modern and innovative solutions.