Investment description

With this investment located near one of the most famous Belgian squares – St. Peter’s Square in Ghent – we strived to preserve its historical elements. We believe they highlight the style and unique character of the property as well as its surroundings. The refurbishment of this beautiful and historic building resulted in an original combination of authentic elements with contemporary architecture. In addition to preserving historical values and original architectural elements such as high ceilings, we also restored the façades to their original splendour. At the same time, we added a new section consisting of two parts, giving rise to the new Piazza San Pietro. The name refers to the lively local district that is home to a variety of cultural events as well as concerts by world artists. In the heart of the city we created 18 residential and 2 commercial properties with a view of the carefully renovated 19th-century monuments, the monumental Church of Our Lady and St. Peter’s Abbey.



Investment assets