About us

In 2018, we started operating in Poland. Since then, we have been implementing residential investments whose quality is guaranteed by the company's experience gained on the Belgian market for over 100 years. Today, over 100 specialists draw on the knowledge and best practices developed in our structures.

Thanks to this, we can implement unique projects that meet the expectations of customers. We always make every effort to ensure that the quality of workmanship and the level of service remain at the highest level.

We are currently carrying out planning works, which will soon result in the offer of over 2,400 apartments in our new investments. We encourage you to follow our website, where we will keep you informed about currently implemented projects.


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We believe that the transparency of our actions at every stage of the project builds trust and satisfaction with the cooperation. In each case, we provide advice and information about the next stages of construction.


We attach great importance to reliable and timely project implementation. Regardless of the standard, all our developments are characterised by high quality workmanship.

Thinking ahead

We are constantly witnessing changes that affect our quality of life in a particular location today and in the future. That is why our expert centre has a team of specialists from various fields analysing the factors that have and will have an impact on the planned investment. With such a background, we are not afraid to take on challenges that result in modern and innovative solutions.